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Hello! So happy to see you here. I’d make you a cup of tea if I could, or a cup of coffee if you prefer, but since this is the internet I’m afraid you’ll have to pretend I did 😀 .

Pointing_Up150This website is mostly about me and my writing (my books, my short stories, and my blogs) which you can find via the tabs at the top. If you wish to know more about my movie-making enterprise, why not check out Aberdeenshire Film Productions.

Pointing_Sideways150I love writing and when I say love, I mean looove! I’ve only begun writing in 2015 and I’ve written two vampire romance novels. I had no idea how much pleasure it gave me and I hope you get that feeling when you read my books. Book 2 of the Suckers Trilogy is being edited at the moment and will be re-published on the 31st of August 2017. I will then start working on Book 3 (as it’s a trilogy) which I hope to publish before the end of the year. They contain lots of suspense, action, and humor too, so why not try them out? You can read the first few chapters of Book 1 via the Preview option of Amazon (you can find this on the left when you’re on a PC or lower down if you’re browsing on your mobile).

My short stories are mostly the stories I’ve written for the local writers’ club. They are about one thousand words long and most of them have a twist at the end. A few of them are in a competition, Twisted50 Volume 2, so keep your fingers crossed! My favorite stories are ‘Hunting’ and ‘Vampires Anonymous.’ Have a browse and let me know which ones you like best 🙂 .

Pointing_Sideways_Right150.jpgI also have a blog in which I try to write at least once a week (at the moment on Fridays) to give you an update on what’s been happening in my life. During the week I usually post book and movie reviews. You can easily find them by searching for ‘Movie Review’ or ‘Book Review’ in the ‘Search by Category’ function (on the right or below). When I began blogging, I wrote a lot on grammar and what I had learned on my quest to become a writer (see the category ‘Lessons Learned’). Check them out if you are an aspiring writer, they’re very interesting. Now and again, I’ll post an author interview or write something completely different, just because I can 😀 .

As mentioned before, I am working very hard on revamping (pardon the pun) my books and will soon be writing my third book of the Suckers Trilogy. To receive exclusive material, early notification of promotions and book releases, why not sign up for my newsletter? I won’t send you any spam or anything other than news about my books. I won’t give your address to third parties either.


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