Writers’ Corner update 25/03/2017

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 25/03/2017!

My apologies again. I have been totally absorbed in my edit of Raising A Vampire, Book 2 of the SuckerS Trilogy. I get so emotionally involved that all else tends to fade to the background 🙂 . But I haven’t forgotten you, my loyal readers, so here’s what I have accumulated for you this week.


In Writers’ Corner I have two articles. One tells you that Everything You Think You Know About Feelings Is Wrong. Interesting. The other article is about the Five Common Traits of Good Writers. I’m not sure I have all five traits, but definitely suffer from (5)!

I have more articles in Focus on Filming now that I found I can actually specifically look for it. There’s a Complete Guide to Choosing Music for Your Video Work From a Film Scorer’s Perspective, Three Variations on Lighting a Single Shot Commercial by Art Adams, one on Drone Film Festivals, one that teaches you More About the Meaning of Camera Movement With Film Riot (one that I need to work on with my film club), and, last but not lest, How I Got My Feature Film On Amazon Prime and How Much I have Made (not very encouraging though).

Favourite this week was in Health Herald and is the article on How Bioengineered Bacteria Could Give Robots a Living Brain. Great if you’re writing Sci-Fi! There’s a personally interesting article that let’s us know that Using the pill can protect women from certain cancers ‘for up to 30 years.’ It actually also tells us that women have no greater chance on getting other cancers due to taking the pill, something that I always thought was true. There is also an article that says a New Alzheimer’s test can predict age with disease will appear. Not sure if I’d want to know though. Neuroscientists keep finding out new stuff. This time they Accidentally Discovered a Whole New Role for the Cerebellum. You can test your colour vision in Four Games That Test Your Color Vision and there is a New drug to prevent heart attacks.


Apart from the article on Living Brains for Robots, there is another favourite in Sci-Non-Fi, which tells us that Astronomers May Have Heard 234 Signals From Aliens! Spooky…

Sorry, no new articles in Pretty Pictures. Did you practise photographing waterfalls yet?

If you’re interested, you can join my launch team for Raising A Vampire, Book 2 of the SuckerS Trilogy. You’ll get the book before the launch date, which is going to be soon! I do hope that, if you like the book, I can count on a lovely review on Amazon 🙂 .


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