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Do pirañas speak fish pirahã?

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 19/01/2017!

Last Friday was Friday the 13th. But Is It As Unlucky As You Think? Find out in an article by Amy Willis. There are a lot of other articles this week in my Writers’ Corner. Like the one about the Insane Weapons the TSA Confiscated in 2016, the one that says that Novels Are Never About What They Are About, the one that gives you 7 Steps to Captivating First Chapters, and more.


One I had a bit of trouble with reading, but I though was very interesting, was the one titled ‘Why language is not everything that Noam Chomsky said it is,’ by Daniel Everett. It is a long piece, with difficult words. For example, I didn’t know the word recursion. This word is crucial in Everett’s discussion of the language of the Pirahãs, a group of people living in the Amazon. Their language doesn’t have recursion, something Chomsky says is crucial for language. If you have a bit of time you should read it. Not only does it give insight into a rather unknown language, it also shows that if everybody thinks something is right, it doesn’t mean that it is.

Focus on Filming had a favourite this week: Art of the Cut with Thelma Schoonmaker on Silence. She gives us an insight on how she edits her movies. Eye opening.The latest one, The Survey that should scare the shit out of anyone in TV, I got today. I was amazed how many people in the US never heard of Game of Thrones.

I only have one new entry in Health Herald and you may not like it. It tells you to Eat Lentils for Lunch. I must admit the thought doesn’t sound appetising, but apparently it’s very healthy. The other day I made a salad with spinach leaves, feta, cherry tomatoes and tuna. Now that I could eat every day 🙂 .

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