Writers’ Corner update 16/11/2016

New articles for my Writers’ Corner, Focus on Filming, and Health Herald magazines.

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 16/11/2016!

This week there are some interesting articles again. Notably one titled ‘The Controversial Device That Might Make You Feel the Presence of a Higher Power.’ I thought this might be a nice one to keep in mind if you’re writing about religious characters.

Another one I thought suited the vampire scene well, one of my favourite themes, is the one titled ‘Scientists Have Rejuvenated Old Mice With the Blood of Human Teenagers.’ Now how can you not link that discovery to the age old ‘fact’ that vampires drink blood of virgins to stay young?

In Focus on Filming there is a discussion on ‘The 10 funniest movie scenes of all time.’ They go ‘deep’ on why some scenes are funny. Interesting. The thing that made me laugh is the video that shows how Westworld and Jurassic Park are basically the same thing. You need sound for this one 🙂 .

In Health Herald you will find the article on the rejuvenated mice again (hey, maybe we all get to act as teenagers when we turn eighty one day 🙂 ). It also has an interesting article which explains if you’re going to live of die in the coming flu pandemic. And, to end on a happy note, apparently they pay some scientists to discover the science behind smiling 🙂 .

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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