Writers’ Corner update 14/12/2016

Some interesting writing again this week…

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 14/12/2016!

I’ve been visiting my family in Holland last week and came down with the flu, but hope I still have enough interesting articles for you. For example, the one that has a cute animation running in the background of Stephen King Talking About the Power of Dreams or the one on the 5 Benefits of Writing Fiction Longhand Versus On A Computer.


In Focus on Filming there’s a fun article on Superman’s Bulge. A more serious one is about the masterpiece that is the movie ‘The Big Sleep,’ with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. I had heard about the fantastic screenwriting of this movie before and have downloaded it from the internet. Unfortunately I still haven’t had the time to finish it, but the writing is indeed very powerful with a minimum of words.


In Health Herald fiction seems to become reality with the HoloLens. Soon we don’t have to dig up bodies anymore 😀 . There also is an article that will keep me from doing a ‘shake’ diet from now on.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

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