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… Sexual Assault Is No Big Deal…

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 09/11/2016!

This week I read one article that I posted in all my three magazines. It titled ‘How Men Are Trained To Think Sexual Assault Is No Big Deal.’

In the shadow of the Trump election I think it’s an excellent article to focus on. It wasn’t Women’s Day or isn’t Feminist week or whatever, but I was so moved by this article.

The writer, David Wong, tells us about his twenty year struggle to remove the brainwashing that has been, and still is, going on all around us. The message, that groping women and forcing women to like men, is everywhere. Hell, it even happens in my books! Technically, she falls in love with her attacker before he actually attacks her, but the main story stays the same. I can’t deny I have been brainwashed.

The article sure is an eye opener and I hope you read it.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

5 thoughts on “Writers’ Corner update 09/11/2016”

  1. Well the truth is that sexual assault is a big deal and the fact is that it doesn’t just happen to women. Because however, of the Macho bravado in men, they can not accept it when they have been assaulted and because of the world today cant report it for fear of reprisal, ridicule, and accusations against their manhood as well as homosexual commentary. Is it right? Of Course Not but it is the point that you know what sexual assault is NEVER right

    1. You are so right. Sexual assault is NEVER right. Not at any time, not at any place, and not by or to anybody. I was shocked to read how ingrained into our society it is. A lot still needs to change and we can only make this happen if we educate our children right.

  2. I used to bemoan the poor language and vicious sarcasm of Paul Keating when he was PM of Australia, I thought him a poor role model for our youth. With the sort of behaviour towards women the Trump displayed over their campaign, I think the fight against sexual assault, particularly on women, has been put back 20 years.

    1. I think a lot of people think this way, Bob. It’s so sad. Only time will tell what Trump will do to society as president. We can only hope he remembers his first presidential speech in which he says he will be there for all Americans.

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