Writers’ Corner update 07/12/2016

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 07/12/2016!

This week features an article on The Sweet, Savage Sexual Revolution. It’s a bit long, but the message is clear: women are trying to find their sexual identity themselves. Something that isn’t easy in this men’s world. The search has been going on for years and the end is not in sight yet, but we’re getting closer little by little.

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There’s also an article on 10 Top Punctuation Problems, but most of them are no problem at all if you’ve been reading my blogs on that crucial comma 🙂 .

Another interesting article explores the new phenomenon of teenagers ‘reading books’ via text message. I’ve tried the same not so long ago for the story of my book on Twitter (@DahlhausJacky), obviously in a very concise format. I haven’t had a lot of replies, just a few retweets, so I’m not sure if it’s working. I must admit most of my Twitter followers are authors themselves, not so much readers. I also didn’t have a specific time that readers could follow, so still some improvements to be made here.

In Focus on Filming there was a favourite again this week: How to do that Slo-Mo ‘Matrix’ Bullet Time Effect on a Budget. Can’t wait to try that one out myself with Aberdeenshire Film Productions.

I liked the article of today on Female Filmmakers Storming AACTAs Red Carpet in Sausage Suits to Protest Lack of Women representation. Another example of it being a men’s world, where rules only apply when it suits them.

sausageHealth Herald has some positive articles on how, in the future, we possibly can prevent Parkinson’s Disease, Treat Horrible Genetic Disorders, and make infertile women fertile again.

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