Writers’ Corner update 01/02/2017

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Check out my Writers’ Corner update 01/02/2017!

This week’s Writers Corner articles include lots of numbers. 19 Emotions You Never Knew You Had, 16 Rules Of Blog Writing And Layout, Thirteen Ways of Looking at an Anxiety Disorder, and The 4 Main Characters As Literary Devices. There are also some interesting articles without numbers; check them out too.


In the wake of Sir John Hurt’s passing, I have added The true story behind John Hurt’s legendary Alien ‘chestbuster’ scene into Focus on Filming. I had read about it before, but it still is an interesting story. There’s also an article about The Death of Good Screenwriting in Hollywood (there is a market out there!) and an article that actors-to-be may be very interested in (it’s called ‘Guys are not going to want to f**k her).

Health Herald only has one new article this week. Medical advances have been slow. Good news though. It’s about the Breakthrough in Parkinson’s Treatment, where the solution may come from a Single Protein.


My favourite article in Sci-Non-Fi is the one about the Brain Hormone that triggers fat burning regardless of food intake. Can I buy it already?! And then there’s the cutesy article about the cat that received bionic paws 🙂 .

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