With a little help from my friends…

I’ve got to say it, I’ve joined the Fiction Authors’ Resource Group (#FARG) on Facebook recently and it was the best move I have made in a long time! The authors in the group are so helpful and always available. We are all indie authors, helping each other and trying to make our books visible to people, struggling for reviews and working against the cheaters who, somehow, get their books on No.1 without any reviews at all!

Thanks to them I now have a better chance of my books being visible on Amazon, via Facebook and Twitter. As a thank you I promised to share their books with you. Most of them are crime thrillers and great ones too! I will give you five books per blog until I run out. Have your pick…

Shut up and drive, by L M Krier

Altered Life, by Keith Dixon (this one is FREE!)

A Barrow Boy’s Cadenza, by Pete Adams

In the Shadows, by Tara Lyons (audiobook),

Murder on the Levels, by Frances Evesham

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