What To Watch? The End of the Fxxxing World

The End of the Fxxxing World

What To Watch?

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to watch less TV. This doesn’t mean I won’t watch any of it over the weekend. Every Monday I’m going to recommend to you (or not) a movie or TV series. This week, it’s a British comedy series.

The End of the Fxxxing World

End-of-fucking-world-Header.jpgYes, it really is spelled this way. This is a new series on Netflix and has only eight episodes of about twenty minutes long. We binge-watched it in one evening. It is a dark comedy and not everybody will like it.

The story is told by two persons; James, a 17-year-old who thinks he’s a psychopath, and Alyssa, a rebellious classmate of James. James has been killing animals and thinks he’s now ready to kill a human. Alyssa, in the dark of James’s dark thoughts, offers to be his friend, to which James agrees. As both have a less than desirable home-situation, Alyssa convinces James to run away. They steal the car from James’s father, and things go from bad to worse.

What is likable about it? You hear the thoughts of one character at one moment, then switch to the thoughts of the other, how they see the situation. It makes for very comical dialogue. There isn’t a lot of spoken dialogue from James though, as he’s a terrible introvert. Not to worry, Alyssa tries to make up for it with her constant chatter. Her view of the world is so relatable. I liked her character a lot. I’m not sure if it’s typically British, but it isn’t the laugh-out-loud type of humor. It’s more the miscommunication between the two and the escalation of the situations they find themselves in that makes you smile.

What I didn’t like? There wasn’t much not to like. You may not like the muted colors it was filmed in. You may not like the depressive tone of the two teenagers. You may not appreciate the darkness of the whole series, showing what some teenagers have to deal with in real life. In my opinion, these all brought together set the tone of the series beautifully.

When you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought of it.


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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