What a shame…

I bit the bullet today and Tweeted to Peter Dinklage to find out if he has read the first draft I sent him of my novel ‘Succedaneum – Living Like A Vampire,’ when he was still filming season 6 of GoT in Ireland. That was the 29th of September last year. I am so curious if he read it at all. When I sent it I got a message back that somebody received it, signing with ‘Ice ‘n Fire’, but I have no idea if this was Peter. Of course I hope that it was and if not that they sent it through to him.

The reason I sent it to him is, of course, that the character ‘Charlie’ from my novel is based on him. I didn’t start out writing about Charlie with Peter Dinklage in mind, but I specifically did pick a dwarf. I knew I needed a comic relief, a sidekick, next to Kate. I thought of a dog first, but my DH told me that would be too much like the Twilight series. So a dwarf it was. And as soon as I started writing about Charlie, I liked him. His interaction with Kate was so funny and exciting; it really spiced up the story. I actually liked him more than Caleb and the story line completely changed. As I don’t know any dwarfs myself (do you?), the character automatically morphed into Peter Dinklage. I hope he doesn’t mind. I just hope he likes the story. I really would like to know what he thinks about it, any comment would do, really, anything…

So here I was, sitting in my bedroom, which I am renovating, hands full with Plaster of Paris, trying to tweet without getting my phone too dirty. First the question of course, ‘Did you read my novel, the one I sent you when you were in Ireland?’ Then the message that the novel has now been proofread and edited and is available on Amazon, adding that there is also a sequel. I so hope that my first draft didn’t deter him too much as it was full of spelling mistakes and dreadful writing. I was just too eager to send it to him… And the third tweet was the link to the Amazon.com website. Just in case he couldn’t find it, you know, to make sure.

All chuffed I continued my plastering for about ten minutes, when I realised that I could also send him the next novel. So, back on my phone, I typed ‘Peter Dinklage contact details’ into Google and one of the first entries was a Reddit interview. I browsed through it, trying to find these contact details and read these words by Peter Dinklage in the second paragraph:

“I am not on Twitter (ahem)…”

What a shame…

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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