Unexpected visitors…

What to do if you get unexpected visitors?

Last week was hectic! We finally finished the renovation of our bedroom. It took us ‘only’ nine months, during which we had to sleep on the landing 🙂 . You can imagine what that does for your sex-life, sleeping with only non-closing doors between you and your kids. But, it’s done now and it feels like going to bed/waking up in a hotel room every day! I have plush carpet under my bare feet when I get up and can switch off the reading light with just a lift of my arm. Such luxury! Only the window treatment is left to do…


On Saturday morning, just after the bedroom was finished on Friday night, we had a phone call that we were going to have unexpected visitors arriving within fifteen minutes (no comment on my thoughts then, nudge nudge, wink wink 🙂 ). I never cleaned my bathroom and toilets so fast… They didn’t stay that Saturday night, but returned on Sunday, after we emptied the spare bedroom /  future-dressing-room from all the renovation tools / materials accumulation / spare bedding/wardrobes / etc. At the end of the day it sort of looked like a bedroom.

My visitors were a lady I met online during a filmmaking course and her partner. We started chatting during the course and I invited her to visit me when she was in the neighbourhood. Of course I didn’t realise it was so soon! I was a bit anxious when she texted me that she would be visiting in the next few days as my house is a building site. And I am not exaggerating here. The hall is filled with stacks of building materials, tools are lying around everywhere, I have bits and pieces of carpet here and there over bare plank flooring, some planks shrunken and broken, mm’s of dust everywhere, old furniture covered in dogs/kids spillage. I.e. not a pretty sight. What would she do when she saw this? Would she run away in disgust, screaming whilst waving her hands in the air?

When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised that they accepted me/my house for what I am/it is. For years I have been afraid to invite people into my home as I am ashamed for its looks. I am proud to say I have a life, I don’t waste my time cleaning and polishing doorknobs and the likes. But at the same time I don’t like living in a dumpster. I know that one day it’s going to look nice, so I put up with it. But that doesn’t mean other people will do the same.

My visitors only stayed two nights. I find it the perfect time to catch up, get to know each other, and then move on. We didn’t choose to live in the country side for nothing; I love my privacy. But we got along like peas in a pod. We talked about scripts, books, and all sorts. I always find my chattiness goes into overdrive when I find a listening ear as I don’t talk to a lot of people during my writers’ existence. So I was sad and happy at the same time when they left. As her partner wrote in our visitors’ book ‘I met a stranger and found a friend.’

I spent most of the time yesterday catching up on my internet communications, Skyping with my Mum, and going to a film screening (about making movies in Scotland on a budget).

But now it is finally time for me to write again!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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