My Darker Side of Fiction Experience

My Darker Side of Fiction Experience; read up on my wonderful weekend at the book signing in Peterborough!

My Irish Writers’ Podcast Interview

My Irish Writers’ Podcast Interview, with Maire Brophe at the Dublin Writers’ Conference in June 2018


After my article on the Subject of a sentence, read all about the Object of a sentence and how to use the correct objective case of a pronoun.

Light Up The Night!

I accidentally came across this little video by Peter Dinklage. You must know by now I love Peter Dinklage’s work. I collected some of his movies where he plays a major role, like ‘The Station Agent,’ ‘Death at a Funeral,’ ‘Pete Smalls is Dead,’ and ‘Knights of Badassdom.’ It is a fraction of what he […]

Discover Ivy Logan

I wrote a guest blog called ‘Do writers need to be tach-savvy’ on Ivy Logan’s website

Text Neck – A Writer’s Pain?

I hadn’t heard about ‘Text Neck’ until yesterday. I have been suffering a pain in my upper back, right between my shoulder blades, for four days now. It is most painful when I look down. Not only annoying in daily life but as a writer particularly so when you want to position your fingers correctly on […]

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