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Literary Book Gift – Crime and Punishment

Today, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the Literary Book Gift online shop also has T-shirts for men. I thought this Crime and Punishment would be a great gift for any hard working laborer 🙂 . Or perhaps the T-shirts for women don’t suit your body form. It’s just a label, people, so buy whatever fits you best!

Don’t forget to use my especially-for-you discount code JACKYD20, to get a whopping 20% discount! Get it here.

And no, I still don’t get anything out of this, just happy readers.

Crime and Punishment - Men

I couldn’t get all colors in the same image, so here’s a shot of all colors available:

Color Chart

Take your pick!

Awesome Literary Book Gifts Deal!

Have I got some news for you! You’re going to really love me now (giggle)!

I have been able to get a great deal for my readers:

A never-expiring, whopping, 20% discount on all gifts in the Literary Book Gifts online shop!

Isn’t this amazing?

Yes, I know, it’s in the US. Not to worry, my dear UK readers, they also ship to the UK. And no, this is nothing affiliate. I don’t get any money when you click on it or buy something. This is just something I have been able to organize for you, my readers!

So, why not pick out a great T-shirt for Halloween? Head over to the shop via the following link:

Literary Book Gifts

Pick out a great gift for that book lover friend (or yourself!), and use the discount code JACKYD20. You should get a fantastic 20% discount at the checkout! (if not, just contact the store, they should be able to fix it).

Edgar Allan POE T-shirts
Edgar Allan POE T-shirts

These T-shirts are just an example, and they are available in a multitude of colors. Yes, you can also get it in purple!