Meet the Author… M.N. Seeley

Meet the Author… M.N. Seeley, author of ‘A Flicker of Shadows,’ a story like no other but one you don’t want to miss if you like your stories dark yet funny.

What to Watch? Salem

What to Watch? Salem, a paranormal horror series on Netflix about a medieval witch hunt in the New World.

New books to read!

A few books I bought you might be interested in…

Email List… :)

As I find it very hard to get away from my computer I am happy to say I have wasted my sunshine time wisely and finally made that email list for you to sign up on! Check out my Home Page for the form. I’m handing out free ebook copies to the first 25 to sign […]

Digitalized Remake of AAWiL

I was having a shower this morning and had this wonderful idea. I often get inspiration in the shower, not sure why. Maybe it’s because it’s just me, the sound of water and my music. No, I don’t have a waterproof radio, I just put my phone really loud on the benchtop next to the […]

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During the screenwriting course I am doing we had to do a little exercise today, to develop ‘character voice.’ We had to take a character, one we didn’t have much info on, possibly a new character, and write a piece on their eating habits and then stress them. You know, rob them, arrest them, have […]


Just letting you know about my new short story called ‘Rick’. It is a story I wrote for Create50 and then forgot about it. I don’t think it’s good enough for a competition entry, but maybe a nice one to use for my film group. You can find it in my list of short stories […]

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