Writers’ Corner update 30/11/2016

Interesting articles on writing, filming, and health

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 30/11/2016!

This week there is an interesting article on 10 Screenwriting Lessons We Can Take From… ANGEL HEART (1987). I must admit I have never seen the movie, but the article has some interesting points that can be taken into writing a novel. Another quirky article states that Cooking and Baking Could Help You Feel Better. Could be a way for one of your novel characters to deal with stress. Unfortunately the article won’t load in my magazine, perhaps it does for you. If not, you can find it here. Just click the search button and type ‘Feeling Down,’ it should come up with a cupcake 🙂 .

In Focus on Filming I have, of course, the same screenwriting lessons from Angel Heart, but also a very interesting article on the weird and sometimes cruel directors. I sure don’t envy those actors and actresses! I added an article with advice and tips for the novice screenwriter. Just in case you’ve always wanted to write a screenplay, but didn’t know how.

According to an article in Health Herald, we could be looking at a different life form soon! Scientist have, for the first time, made living cells incorporate silicon. Sci-Fi stuff! And before you go to bed, make sure you’re not angry about something. You may regret this later…