Flat tire

For the third time…

I just picked up the kids from school and got a flat tire halfway home. I stopped the car, put on my emergency lights, got out and verified my suspicion. The car behind me stopped next to me and the driver, a dad who had also just picked up his kid, asked if I needed any help. I told him that I knew how to change a tire and thanked him for his offer. He drove on, I parked my car in a side road and changed the tire. This was already the third time I changed the car’s tire in two years, so I knew exactly what to do.

This little unfortunate incident made me feel very good. Why?

Firstly, because I wasn’t left stranded. My fellow road user offered me help when I when he saw I was in a predicament. Too often people don’t care for their neighbours anymore, but apparently there are still polite, caring human beings.

Secondly, because he was a male and didn’t ‘take over.’ He accepted my word and let me get on with it. He didn’t smirk either, he was just very polite. I’m not sure if I’m being sexist now or not, but I’ve had other experiences to note this one as special to me.

And thirdly, I felt good because I think I beat my personal time record of changing a tire 🙂 .