Meet the Author… Jacky Dahlhaus

In today’s Meet the Author post, I have dedicated, keeping in mind it is International Women’s Day tomorrow, to myself, Jacky Dahlhaus. I’m darned proud that I have finished writing the Suckers Trilogy!

Light Up The Night!

I accidentally came across this little video by Peter Dinklage. You must know by now I love Peter Dinklage’s work. I collected some of his movies where he plays a major role, like ‘The Station Agent,’ ‘Death at a Funeral,’ ‘Pete Smalls is Dead,’ and ‘Knights of Badassdom.’ It is a fraction of what he […]

What a shame…

I bit the bullet today and Tweeted to Peter Dinklage to find out if he has read the first draft I sent him of my novel ‘Succedaneum – Living Like A Vampire,’ when he was still filming season 6 of GoT in Ireland. That was the 29th of September last year. I am so curious […]

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