My Weight Loss Journey – Week 12

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 12. Check out my weight loss graph over the first quarter of the year.

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 10

Week 10 of my weight loss journey. It’s been hard this last week, but I’m still heading in the right direction and it can only get better 😀

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 9

I’m dieting and exercising for nine weeks now and it’s becoming a struggle, craving all the things I’ve been missing!

Meet the Author… Jacky Dahlhaus

In today’s Meet the Author post, I have dedicated, keeping in mind it is International Women’s Day tomorrow, to myself, Jacky Dahlhaus. I’m darned proud that I have finished writing the Suckers Trilogy!

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 7 & 8

Week 7 & 8 Summary As I mentioned in Week 6, I was afraid I was losing muscle instead of fat, so I began doing exercises next to my yoga. As I had been doing yoga for six weeks, I felt my joints were ready for some more movement. My dear Canadian friend Stephanie mentioned […]

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 6

This is my sixth week of my weight loss journey and I’ve realized that nothing in my body shape is changing.

My Weightloss Journey – Week 4

The fourth week of my weight loss journey has been tough, especially because of a family party I attended in Holland.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Launching Your Book (Online)

A list of things to head when launching your book online

Grit, Sweat, and Love

You can’t stop this train! The launch and promo of Book 2 of the Suckers Trilogy are over and I’m exhausted. It is done. People can finally enjoy the fruits of my grit, sweat, and love of the past six months. Would I do it again? Of course! Just different… I’m not a religious person, but […]

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