Who do you love?

Did you go for the sexy stranger or the not so sexy friend? Kate has to make a choice. Find out whom she chooses in ‘Living Like A Vampire.’

Kate wasn’t looking for love…

Looking for love? Kate wasn’t looking for love, but she found it anyway… Kate wasn’t looking for love. She was running for her life. One accidental meeting with a sucker, and she’s head over heels with him. Is this her one true love? Read Leonard Tillerman’s five-star review of Living Like A Vampire to convince […]

How I Finished My First Draft of The Stranger, a Paranormal Romance Novel

I tell you all I did to finish NaNoWriMo and my new paranormal romance

Meet the Author… Sandra Bass Joines

Meet author Sandra Bass Joines and learn about how her new release ‘Shoe in the Road’ came about.

Meet the Author… Craig Wainwright

Meet the Author… Craig Wainwright. He’s the author of The Last Titan, the first book in a great series, and he’s taken the first step in realizing his dream.

Book Trailer for Killing A Vampire – Update

Killing A Vampire – Update. Watch my updated trailer for the last book in the Suckers trilogy!

Blog Tour – Mark L. Fowler

Blog Tour – Mark L. Fowler; Check out my review of Mark’s new book in the Tyler & Mills crime series, Blue Murder!

Meet the Author… Mark L. Fowler

Meet the Author… Mark L. Fowler, author of the brand new novel Blue Murder, book 2 in the Tyler and Mills series.

Meet the Author… Ian Campbell

Meet the Author… Ian Campbell, author of And the Salesman Came to Town, a satire.

BookFunnel Giveaway!

Check out this Dragon Deal for paranormal romance novels and novellas, including Living Like A Vampire, Book 1 in the Suckers Trilogy, by Jacky Dahlhaus

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