Writers’ Corner update 26/01/2017

Please welcome my new magazine: Sci-Non-Fi

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 26/01/2017!

Even though I haven’t been on Flipboard that often this past week, I managed to accumulate thirteen interesting articles for you. From how to Gain 104.000 Subscriber With Just One Article to testing your Emotional Intelligence (or ‘how not to look like a serial killer’) to Digging Deep for the Truth. The latter which seems important in the current political climate. I also read an interesting article on George Orwell’s 1984, but as I try to keep my posts from politics I haven’t included it in my magazine.


I am proud to share with you the birth of a new magazine of mine: Sci-Non-Fi. I kept reading all these interesting articles about scientific advances that we thought impossible not so long ago and I wanted to share these with you. But not every writer writes Sci-Fi, so I didn’t want to annoy those people with ‘my discoveries.’ Hence the birth of Sci-Non-Fi. In it there are four articles already. Check them out 🙂 .

Focus on Filming has an article on Reservoir Dogs, mainly on it being banned in the UK and its effect on the popularity of the movie. There’s an article saying there are Three Types of Creators. Which one are you? The third article has a nice short movie with Gorgeous Silhouette Shots made by cinematographer Roger Deakins. Well worth the view.

Health Herald mentions in an article that Spending Time Around Traffic Is Literally Destroying Your Brain. To stay healthier you’ll be surprised about the Coffee Anti-Ageing Benefit. There is also an article that heralds the end of neurodegenerative diseases with the Treatment coming from a Single Protein. Hallelujah!