Frontier: A comparison

A reason for putting up a picture of Jason Momoa

– Spoiler Alert! –

Last night my husband and I watched ‘Frontier,’ a series on Netflix. Reason for watching (for me) was seeing Jason Momoa, the guy who played Kahl Drogo in Game of Thrones (GoT). Love that guy. Unfortunately he didn’t take his shirt off in the series. Well, not until he was hanged from the ceiling for torturing, which doesn’t show off his pecs in the same light.


My husband just had two extremely short nights behind him due to work and really wasn’t in for a long evening. I convinced him to watch one episode. Going to bed at 9pm will not give you a good night’s rest (that’s my experience at least). So we watched episode one. That ended with such a cliff hanger that we had to watch episode two, and then episode three. To make a long story short, we watched all six episodes in a row. And my husband stayed awake the whole time.

While watching I couldn’t help myself comparing parts/characters with other movies/series. I guess that happens when you watch a lot of TV. Following is a list of what I couldn’t help thinking. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. Maybe you don’t want to know and spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the series yet (you can still click away!).

  1. The opening scene reminded me of Game of Thrones. First you have a ‘hook’ scene; a scene that starts the episode and hooks you into watching the rest of it. GoT did that with sex in the first five minutes. Frontier does it with sadistic violence. Nothing works as good as shocking your audience. Following the ‘hook’ you have the titles. They reminded me of GoT also. I don’t know if it was the music or the graphics or maybe a combination of the two, but it did.
  2. Landon Liboiron plays Michael Smythe (pronounced ‘Smith’). Put some glasses on him and paint a scar on his forehead and he’s Harry Potter.
  3. Alun Armstrong plays Lord Benton. He reminded me of Gargamel in the Smurfs; always dressed in black and up to no good.
  4. For a second I thought that Raoul Trujillo, who plays Machk, was Jeremy Irons.
  5. Katie McGrath, playing Elizabeth Carruthers, is just the spitting image of Keira Knightley (from Pirates of the Caribbean). Same underbite, same stage name (Elizabeth), more bosom.
  6. I was happy to see ‘Philip,’ from the series Travellers, played by Reilly Dolman. I like him. He played a minor soldier role, but his cute face was seen on screen again. To me he will always be ‘Philip.’
  7. Rimmer, from Red Dwarf, did his appearance in the form of Charles Aitken, who played Captain Johnson.
  8. A particularly funny scene was when the Indian grandmother, Kamenna (played by Tantoo Cardinal), talked. I kept hearing Na’vi,  the Avatar language. Particularly when she said something that resembled ‘Mok Thor.’


That’s all that I can think of at the moment. I’m sure I had more when I was watching it. Let me know if you have any other comparisons 🙂 .