Movie Review: Ice Age – Collision Course

What to expect…

Score: 7/10

– Spoiler Alert! –

Ice Age 5 2

The Ice Age Chronicles… They are always a good laugh. Every time we went to see them I was anticipating to be disappointed. I mean, how long can they keep it up to have a good story and keep viewers satisfied and happy? But they managed it so far. Ice Age 4 was as funny and unexpected as the first. Not No.5. I fell asleep…

Scrat was of course very funny with his intro. But him going into outer space was a bit over the top. There were too many impossibilities for me. The little ones probably don’t know yet about the physics of outer space vacuum, but for me the movie started with too much incredibility.

Then there was Julian, the fiancé of Peaches. Where the hell did he come from? And I agree with Manny, he was totally unlikable. So I didn’t understand that after a single act (again, a rather unbelievable manoeuvre) Manny all of a sudden liked him. Not cool. The parent – child interaction was too cliché, too predictable.

There were other relationship issues too. The one with the saber tigers discussing having children, Sid trying to get a girl. I think these are way over the top for little ones. Yes, they were sort of funny, but I think it was put on too heavy. Morals and lessons in animated movies should be hinted at, not dolloped on.

All in all you wonder why all these animals are together in this movie. It had nothing to do with ice, there wasn’t really a reason why predators and prey lived together. At one point you saw a saber tiger hunt a deer. And the deer talked to the tiger. Weird, just weird. This is giving kids the wrong idea about nature.

Animation was of course very good. I still love the flow of Manny’s hair in the wind and all the other cg that make it all look so real.

I asked my kids afterwards what they thought of the movie. I can’t recall a coherent answer. In other words, it didn’t leave a great impression. They didn’t burst out with memories of happy scenes or funny one liners.

So I give it a 6/10. By all means take your kids, they’ll love it. But don’t expect to be entertained yourself.

Update: Comparing it to Ghostbusters I have upgraded this movie to a 7/10 as I didn’t think I would want to see Ghostbuster above Ice Age 5.