Who do you love?

Did you go for the sexy stranger or the not so sexy friend? Kate has to make a choice. Find out whom she chooses in ‘Living Like A Vampire.’

Meet the Author… Mistress Joanna Noor

Meet the Author… Mistress Joanna Noor, author of the erotic fantasy Khymeera Novels. Let’s find out about her artistic and writing processes

SALE of the Suckers Trilogy!

SALE! All my novels in the Suckers Trilogy are on sale for 99c/99p during October! (eBooks only)

What To Watch? Killing Eve

What To Watch? Killing Eve, a British drama with lots of humor, gore, suspense, and a psychopathic killer.

What to Watch? Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2; an entertaining movie about a family of superheroes.

Meet the Author… Ian Campbell

Meet the Author… Ian Campbell, author of And the Salesman Came to Town, a satire.

What To Watch? Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

What To Watch? Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. A fun movie to watch if you like a laugh.

What To Watch? Grimm

Grimm is a fantasy TV series about homicide detective Nick Burkhardt and his struggle when he becomes a policing force between humans and Wesen, i.e. a Grimm.

Another Short Story

Another short story of mine

Movie Review: The Death of Stalin

My take on the movie

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