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Keep Calm and Write On


As I am preparing for my first ever book launch and realizing how little I know and how unprepared I am for this process, articles like the one below give me hope.

By the way, I still post articles to my Flipboard magazines. The article is from my Writer’s Corner, but check out the new articles in Pretty Pictures, Sci-Non-Fi, Heath Herald, and Focus on Filming.

Writing Insights Part One: Becoming A Writer by The Wayfinder

Image: A Divine Humour (Creative Commons)

Header Image: Thought Catalog

Writers’ Corner update 22/02/2017

Check out my Writers’ Corner update 22/02/2017!

I have another snag again, with my new articles not showing up in my Flipboard magazines. So p!$$#$ me off. I hope they fix it soon. Maybe it works for you, who knows.


In the mean time, I want to share the birth of another magazine of mine in Flipboard. It’s called Pretty Pictures and I put my photographs in there. I used to take a lot more photos in the time I was working on a business of scrapbook paper (2008-2009). That’s when I learned to work with Photoshop. I don’t take photos as often as I want anymore, I just don’t have the time. But now and again I see something that catches my eye. I created the magazine yesterday, so there’s only two images in there. Have a look. I hope you like them.

I have been very busy editing my first book recently and I’m glad to say it’s finally finished. Check it out on Amazon!




Writers’ Corner update 09/02/2017

Writers’ Corner update 09/02/2017.

Flipboard has changed its layout, so it took me a few minutes to figure it out how to share them with you. When I finally figured it out, it appeared that all the articles that I had picked out for you this week weren’t in my magazines!

I’m so sorry. Believe me when I tell you that I am as disappointed as you are. I will need to contact Flipboard to find out what went wrong and hope they can correct it.

In the mean time, see it on the positive side and possibly try to catch up on all those articles that you didn’t have a chance to read yet 🙂 .

I’ll keep you up to date.



Writers’ Corner update 160504

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