Meet the Author… Rudi Jennings

I interview Rudi Jennings whom I met at The Darker Side of Fiction book signing in Peterborough October 2018

Only 6 weeks to go!

Only 6 weeks to go until the Darker Side of Fiction Book Signing at The Bull Hotel, Peterborough, Saturday 6 October! FREE ticket available!

What to Watch? Salem

What to Watch? Salem, a paranormal horror series on Netflix about a medieval witch hunt in the New World.

Meet the Author… P.M. Carron

Meet the Author… P.M. Carron; a fantasy writer with four books under his name and many more to come in his epic, never before attempted story sequence.

Meet the Author… Ken Stark

Meet the Author… Ken Stark; author of the Stage3 zombie novels, Jitters, and Arcadia Falls

Short Stories, Novel Launch, and Fantasy Promo

Read up on my short stories, check out Alathia Morgan’s Deadly Discovery book launch, and pick up this 99c promo of Four O’Clock Alice by Vanessa Ravel

The Darker Side of Fiction Takeover!

The Darker Side of Fiction Takeover! Join me for a takeover from the lovely Jo Curtis and Rachel Brightley on Monday evening, 8:30pm London time.

What To Read? Cursed: Ruadh’s Story

What To Read? Cursed: Ruadh’s Story, by Troy A. Hill. A little gem of a shifter’s story!

Darker Side of Fiction Event

This year I am part of the Darker Side of Fiction Book Signing Hourglass Event at the Bull Hotel, Peterborough, UK, on Saturday 6 October 2018! Tickets will go on sale this Friday… Friday the 13th…!

Meet The Author… Vanessa Ravel

Meet The Author… Vanessa Ravel; not your average next door neighbor and author of the dark fantasy novel ‘Four O’Clock Alice.’

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