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Book Trailer for Killing A Vampire – Update

I finally had some time to update the trailer for Killing A Vampire! Well, I had to as it was in my pre-order form for the Darker Side of Fiction book fair, and I had to hand the form in 😀 . I still haven’t finalized the form as I need to figure out what the price for the Prequel and my Short Shockers books are. For this, I need to upload them on IngramSpark first. So I’m working my ass off to get this done! In the meantime, enjoy the trailer again!

Blog Tour – Mark L. Fowler

Blue Murder Blog Tour

Welcome to Mark L. Fowler’s Blog Tour! Mark is promoting his new book, Blue Murder, in the Tyler & Mills crime series. I’ve interviewed Mark again recently, and you can read the interview here.

Mark has been kind enough to give me a copy of Blue Murder in advance. Here’s my review:

I received an advanced copy of Mark Fowler’s second DCI Tyler and DS Mills murder mystery novel, Blue Murder and this review is given freely. Not having read the first novel, Red Is The Colour, I found myself easily engrossed in Blue Murder (trying to finish the book during early hours of the night), enjoying the developing professional relationship between brooding DCI Jim Tyler and the sarcastically witty DS Danny Mills, and getting to know more about Tyler’s dark past.

Blue Murder sees an ex-band member, Adam, murdered. His girlfriend, Daisy, points the finger to her sister, Janine, who stole her ex-boyfriend and lead singer of the band, Johnny, from her. But there’s also Billy, the two young men’s school buddy, who had stepped in to take Adam’s place when he left the band not too long ago. Then there’s the band’s song, ‘All Colours are Blue,’ that’s becoming a hit, and money is being made. Now everybody is claiming to have written the song. Tyler and Mills have their hands full trying to figure out who’s lying about what, which is made difficult with lead singer Johnny missing since Adam’s murder.

Blue Murder is a great psychological thriller about love, fortune, and fame. Tactical interrogations are prime in this well-told story. Red herrings are strewn left, right, and center to keep you guessing. Pick up this book and you’re in for a great, keeping-you-on-your-toes detective novel!

Blue Murder is available as eBook and paperback:

Break a plate…

“You broke this plate.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Now say sorry to it.”


“Is it fixed now?”


I’m sorry, but I had to get this of my chest as I am so frustrated with it. The saying above is not my own, I read it on Facebook. But it is oh so ‘now.’ Of course I am referring to the Brock Turner case that is an outrage at the moment. I can’t say it often enough; so much still needs to be changed. Punishment, of course, doesn’t help the victim, but given appropriately hopefully deters future rapes, by the convicted rapist and those that are still out there (and anybody, including judges, who defends or ‘molly-cuddles’ a rapist is, in my opinion, just as guilty). No punishment can ever compare to the damage done to the victim, so we must make sure it never happens again.

It is so sad that women are still not safe in their own home towns. Ask men what they do to stay safe when they have to walk on the streets at night. They may say they keep their hand on their wallet. What do women do to stay safe on the streets at night? Ask them and you get a wash-list of actions. I thought I had mentioned these before, but I can’t find it now, so here they are again, just a few from the top of my head:

  • don’t walk alone
  • cross the street when somebody walks towards you
  • don’t make eye contact
  • have keys ready in your hand to strike out
  • don’t dress ‘inviting’
  • don’t wear high heels
  • have your phone in your hand and turned on, preferably in a video skype conversation
  • note all the houses that have lights on, so you can knock on their doors in case of trouble
  • make sure somebody knows when you left, from where, and when you are due to return home
  • walk with confidence, don’t act like a victim
  • know how to defend yourself with targeted strikes on your opponent’s body
  • carry pepper spray

Like I said, these are just a few that I came up with in the last minute. I don’t think men think about these things when they leave a friends’ place at night.

Another one that is going around on Facebook is:

“She got drunk, what did she expect?!”

“A hangover, she expected a hangover…”

Rape is never excusable and rapist should be punished for their crimes, without prejudice or leniency.

According to Wikipedia “Widespread and systematic rape and sexual slavery can occur during international conflict. These practices are crimes against humanity and war crimes.”

First of all, I don’t think that systematic rape and sexual slavery only occur during international conflict. It happens right here and now, in your own country. Maybe not as open and grand-scaled as in Rwanda, but it sure happens.

Secondly, I think this text should be shortened to “Rape is a crime against humanity.”