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Everything You Expect From A Vampire Book!


I just found out I have another review for Raising A Vampire! This time the reviewer is from closer to home (Aberdeenshire). Boris must have seen my add on a local Facebook page 🙂 . Here’s what he said:

4.0 out of 5 stars Bloodsucking, romance and betrayal

“Set a few years after the first book, Kate and Charlie’s daughter Sue is now 8 years old but looks twice that age. Sue’s true nature is revealed when she defends her mother from an attack. Soon they find themselves held prisoner in a facility especially designed for suckers. There’s bloodsucking, romance and betrayal: in short everything you would expect from a vampire book.”

Glad you enjoyed it, Boris, and thank you so much for the review!

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Raising A Vampire Review

A Monster of All Emotional Rollercoasters!

I just saw the review I received from Sandra Vattimo, a person I don’t know but who apparently read Book 1 and now Book 2. It appears she liked it, so I must be doing something right 🙂 .


Here’s what she wrote:

“Book two of the Suckers Trilogy was filled with just as much excitement as the first, but was laced with more emotional turmoil. The cause of the turmoil is a huge spoiler so I’ll try my best to share my anxiety carefully.

**If you haven’t read book one, the following will be considered SPOILERS**

I hope you all paid attention to the end of the first book because this one begins 10 years later. The world was provided with vaccinations against the virus which had caused all the problems to begin with. It doesn’t take too much imagination to realize not everyone has been located for vaccinating. It also doesn’t take further imagination to understand it won’t work on everyone.

But what about the babies?? Early on in this story we learn the answer to that question. Baby Sue is now a 10-year-old young lady. A series of awful events lead to the heart of the story. I spent most of the read on the monster of all emotional rollercoasters. I was angry, then hopeful. Frustrated beyond belief, then confused and hopeful again. Throw in some heartbreak and a bit of relief.

I loved reading this book. The ending was a mix of happy and sad. Sue’s future looks … Kate and Charlie appear to be … I was sad when “he” died. I was happy when the other “he” died. I will continue to mourn until the final book in this trilogy comes out.”

Thank you so much for your review, Sandra! It made my day and all my sweat, grit, and love worth it! 🙂

Raising A Vampire is available on Amazon

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Another Great Review!

Check out the review Luna Rugova wrote about Book 2 on Luna’s website!


Get your copy here!




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Book Review: The Demon of Devilgate Drive, by Colin Garrow

Book Review: The Demon of Devilgate Drive, by Colin Garrow


‘The Demon of Devilgate Drive’ is another great story by Colin Garrow. It’s my third book I’ve read by this wonderful author. This time, the protagonist is a boy, Jeff, who, together with his pal Suzi, goes looking for a school pal named Jimmy. Jimmy is often ‘missing’ from school, but this time it’s different. Jeff and Suzi seem to stay ahead of police investigations and stumble upon a dead body. But is he really dead? Did Jeff hear the dead man talk? More than one ‘mysterious’ occurrence happen to Jeff and Suzi, but together they face all kinds of danger.

I love the way Garrow describes his characters. They are so endearing. Like with ‘The Hounds of Hellerby Hall: Volume 1 (The Christie McKinnon Adventures)‘ and ‘Death on a Dirty Afternoon: Volume 1 (The Terry Bell Mysteries),’ you can immerse yourself into the story without a problem. This time, you’ll be transported back to the seventies, when children played outside until dark and nobody had a phone on them. As is Garrow’s calling card, the people in the story speak with accents which helps you with your travel to a different location. When you time travel, you may as well go some place nice 🙂 .

Even though the protagonists are children, this doesn’t by any means mean this is light reading. Your children will be biting their blankets while you read to them with a spooky voice about the things that are lurking in the dark!

Check out The Demon of Devilgate Drive

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Book Review: The Power Inside by P.A. Priddey

4/5 Stars


The blurb of Vesta Mansion promised magical creatures, witches, a warlock and demons… and it delivered. I don’t know P.A. Priddey, but, after having read the book, I like the man already (I know it’s a man from his picture on Twitter)(I’m not going into the truthfulness of the internet here). His way of writing and what he writes is so damn happy and relaxing! Yes, even if it’s about magical creatures, witches, a warlock and demons 🙂 .

The story is about Alex Wayward, a man who can only get around with a walking stick, who is leading a boring and  lonely life. When he suddenly hears an emergency call from what he perceives are his two daughters, his life is changed forever. Suddenly he is very agile, has daughters, can speak with wolves, and see in the dark. And this is only the beginning.

I don’t really know how to describe the book accurately. Not much is happening and yet so much actually is. There is not a lot of action for the most part, but there is one fight scene at the start and several at the end of the story. The majority of the story is a happy occasion, one after the other, most due to unfortunate circumstances though. See, it’s hard to describe. I guess that’s why it’s so refreshing. I began reading this book months ago, starting to read other books in the mean time, but I always came back to it. It just has this pull to make you want to read on when you need some happiness in your life.

The story gets more and more intriguing as it nears the end and a proper suspense arc is followed. There are some issues left open and plenty of questions to be answered still, but as this is a trilogy, I have no doubt these will be answered in the sequels (which I hope to read one day as I need my questions answered!).

There is a love story there too, but no hanky panky. So many writers revert to sex scenes to sell their stories, but it’s not necessary in this book. It sells on its own. And young teenagers can read this book without being embarrassed.

If you don’t want to be scared out of your wits, but still want to read a nice feel-good story with action, suspense, romance, and mystical creatures, pick up The Power Inside. You won’t be disappointed.

You can buy The Power Inside (Book One of the Vesta Mansion Triolgy) by P.A. Priddey here.


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Book Review: The Hostile by Joy Mutter

– Spoiler Alert! –

4/5 Stars


I was enticed by the lovely Joy Mutter to read her book ‘The Hostile.’ I was intrigued by the blurb that a bathroom tile could have powers.

I must admit that when I began reading the story, I thought ‘WTF?’ The protagonist of the story is a twelve year old girl, Serena, with constipation. Who in heaven’s name writes about a young girl with constipation? It took me a bit of courage to read on as I, call me old-fashioned, wasn’t used to reading about bowel movements. But fortunately the story was intriguing enough for me to keep on reading.

Another surprise was the amount of sexual relationships described in the story. As the protagonist is, like I mentioned, a young girl, you don’t expect half of the text to be about the adult adulterations happening in the girl’s family. They were very nicely described though, no pornography. Just enough for you to know what was going on without the graphic picture (well, not most of the time).

The characters were very believable and Ms Mutter did a very good job of letting you know exactly what type of people you were dealing with. I honestly felt sorry for most of the people described.

Being a fan of action thrillers I found the story arc a bit flat, with individual stories strung together to make the larger story. They were also predictable, but they were never-the-less very entertaining and very ‘real life experiences.’ Okay, apart from the paranormal bits 🙂 . The ending had a nice twist that I didn’t anticipate.

All in all not your average paranormal story, yet a nice, entertaining read with a top score for being different. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is horror. Whatever you want to call it, I’m looking forward to read the sequel ‘Holiday for the Hostile’ to find out what this evil tile is up to now.

You can get The Hostile here.