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The fairground buzzed with screams, cries, and laughter. Rollercoasters roared on their tracks, raising people’s hairs from speed and fear. Children cried when they dropped their ice cream or when dragged away from their favorite attraction by impatient parents. Adults laughed like giddy teenagers as they observed the opposite sex strutting their stuff.

Angelique observed Jack picking up the hammer of the strength tester. She giggled at the comments of the operator of the attraction.

“Can this man get it up? Come and watch to find out!” the voice of the skinny man dressed in black wearing a top hat boomed into the crowd. “Can he raise it to impress his lady?”

Jack blushed, the redness spreading from his cheeks all the way down to his throat.  He shrugged as he threw an embarrassed sideways glance at Angelique.

“What is your profession, good sir?” the operator asked Jack.

“I’m a pharmacist,” Jack replied.

Angelique’s face beamed with pride. She knew Jack had studied hard to get where he was and did very well, but he wasn’t a mousy-looking, feeble pharmacist who spent his spare time with his nose in the books. Oh no, Jack preferred to spend time in the gym, working his body, although the location for exercise had changed of late. Angelique reminded herself to change the bedsheets later.

“A pharmacist, ladies and gentlemen! Can this pill-peddler pop the puck all the way to the top? Can he get high? Can he satisfy his lady friend? Let’s find out right now!”

As the crowd gathered around, the pressure rose, in particular the pressure to perform. Jack’d never had a problem performing, but then again, he’d never had an audience that consisted of more than one person. Angelique stood to his right. Her natural red hair complemented her voluptuous lips, like it did down there. She bit her nails, anticipating the climax. Jack looked with adoration at those piano-playing fingers that did magic, making music sing in his ears when she stroked him with them. Their eyes made contact. He smiled a cheeky smile at her. Her eyes twinkled back.

Lifting the heavy hammer high above his head, Jack took a deep breath, making his arm and chest muscles stand out through his shirt. He was all pumped up. Everyone in the crowd held their breath. Even the operator refrained from talking as tension rose when Jack didn’t move.

Then, with a powerful thrust, Jack brought the hammer down. The puck shot up, ringing the bell at the top of the tower, indicating success. The crowd roared, and the operator went into overdrive.

“He did it! He scored! This is one man who, I have no doubt, will score again tonight! Give it a try! Show us what you’re made off!”

The operator’s words faded into the background as Angelique and Jack strolled off, arm in arm, high with excitement. They both knew Jack would score for a third time tonight.

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