Reviews of ‘Vampires Anonymous’

A cute little vampire story, peppered with lots of chuckles and a nice little surprise at the end.

Vampires Anonymous is a clever idea. That’s the thing with vampire stories – the classic ampire tale has been told so many times, that any new vampire story needs a fresh twist, and you’ve certainly done that here.

A very fun story.

– Scott Merrow –

This is brilliant, Jacky, the creepiest thing about it is the blasé tone it is written in. Clever and funny.

– Stephanie Hutton –

Very funny! I didn’t see THAT twist coming!

– Elinor Perry-Smith –

This was great fun! What a good idea (a fresh twist, as Scott said). So many good lines – the bodies being thought of as health hazards in case someone trips and hurts themselves was very clever. The water skiing line made me smile, too (among many others) – really enjoyed it.

– Chris Jeal –