Reviews of ‘The Entity’

I had some lovely reviews on my Create50 Twisted Vol.2 short story called ‘The Entity’ that I would like to share with you:


Very cool story! The introduction’s realism balances well with the spooky elements towards the end.

– Leo Robertson –

There is a very good attention to detail in your writing, which makes the world you have scribed seem authentic and alive. You obviously have a very strong picture of what you are writing in your minds eye, which is of great benefit to the story and makes the read an engaging one. And I must commend you on your ending; there must be few things as terrifying as being sealed in a cellar with a malevolent entity.

– Dan Cassell –

You have a very pleasing way with words – your sentences are a joy to read and easy to follow, which means I could focus all my attention on the characters, situation and plot.

– Christopher Stanley –

This is a very creepy story, and a very unique and interesting scenario.What a great idea to have them stumble across an archeological treasure trove that’s inhabited by spirits, some of which are of the malevolent variety.

– Scott Merrow –