Reviews of ‘Rumour has it…’ – Draft #1

I had great reviews on my Create50 Twisted Vol.2 short story entry ‘Rumour has it…’ and I would like to share them with you.

Spoiler alert!

Best to read them after you have read the story…

‘Rumour has it…’ had a neat rhythmic pulse to it, developing each time. So the reader is drawn forward with the lure of more backstory after each section.

The story had just enough meat not to overstay its welcome, finishing with the justification for the murders in the ‘free to go’ conclusion.’

– Steven Stockford –

‘I liked the way the ‘Rumour has it…’ grew and developed with each line becoming more gruesome then the justification for it.’

– Gary Curtis –

‘I don’t know how you managed to make something so brutal sound so poetic. This is fantastic.’

– Stephany Hutton –

‘… I really enjoyed this story. A lot.’

– Scott Merrow –