Releasing A Vampire

Prequel to the Suckers Trilogy


Releasing a Vampire, Prequel to the Suckers Trilogy, was published after I’d re-written Book 1 & 2. Cutting out so much backstory when rewriting Living Like A Vampire broke my heart, so the idea of writing a prequel came up. I added the new story of Commander Becker to give you some information on how the virus was released into the world. The army appears to be experimenting with a new virus, but, of course, things go terribly wrong.

The story chronologically precedes the Suckers Trilogy and alternates between the story of how the virus came to be and Kate’s story. If you like the Suckers Trilogy, this is a must-read :).

Releasing A Vampire is available in Jacky’s Book Store (where you get a 20% discount) and on Amazon.