Raising A Vampire

Raising A Vampire

Book 2 in the Suckers Trilogy

Raising A Vampire

Raising A Vampire is the sequel to Living Like A Vampire.

The story starts ten years after Black October, when vampire-like humans called ‘suckers’ roamed the land. Live has gradually gone back to normal, and Kate and her partner have been trying to hide the true identity of their daughter by leading an extremely quiet life.

One day, Kate decides to invite a colleague into her home. He betrays her trust and commits an act of violence. When Sue, Kate’s eight-going-on-sixteen-year-old daughter, comes to the rescue, she exposes herself for what she really is; a sucker. Kate decides to accompany Sue when she is imprisoned.

The situation spirals even further downhill when an old flame of Kate turns up and he resumes his quest for Kate’s love.

Once more, Kate is thrown into turmoil and heartache.

Join Kate as she struggles with the amorous feelings that awaken after meeting her old flame. Feel her pain as she loses the friendship of a good friend, as she pushes her daughter away from her instead of keeping her on the right path, and as she tries to keep the love of her partner while dealing with the mental aftermath of an attempted rape.

Can Kate keep her family and her wits together?

Some reviews received:

“Honestly, I loved this book.”

“The plot is full of unexpected twists.”

“The monster of all emotional rollercoasters.”

“A ride through the unexpected and sure to peak your curiosity.”

“There’s some nice wit on show to keep everything from getting too dark.”

“It is a fast read, that races through a short time span, that did keep me turning the pages.”

“Ms. Dahlhaus reinvigorates those old bitey routines with a bit of smart storytelling while managing to make insightful comments on our society.”

Author’s note:

After having so much fun writing Living Like A Vampire, there had to be a sequel. I wrote Raising A Vampire in October 2015, again while having no knowledge of how to write English prose. But I had so much fun doing it! This time, writing the story in chronological order made it much easier. It did take me twice as long as Book 1 as my story got stuck when I had to think of an escape method. It took me a long time to figure it out. I even contacted a flight center to find out if gliders could operate at night 🙂 .

The ending gives the story that extra bit of oomph, keeping you on your toes. It came out of nowhere, my characters leading me on their merry way. Honestly, I had nothing to do with it!

Just in case you’re wondering where I got the character of Dr. Greene from, it was taken from Dr. Bunsen Honeydew from the Muppets 🙂 .

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as my rolemodel for Dr. Greene
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as my role model for Dr. Greene

Although reading Living Like A Vampire first is recommended, I wrote Raising A Vampire as a standalone. There is a span of ten years between the two stories, and I have done my best to give you hints of what happened in Book 1 in case you didn’t read it. I do recommend reading Book 1 first, so you get to know the characters a bit better and understand their actions.

The eBook version of Raising A Vampire is available on AmazonKobo, and Nook. It is also available in paperback on Amazon.

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