Raising A Vampire

Suckers Trilogy

Book 2.

Raising A Vampire


This is the ‘had to be’ sequel of ‘Suckers – Book 1. Living Like A Vampire.’ As I liked writing my first novel so much, I just had to continue. Not to give too much away, the story starts ten years after Kate has given birth to a baby girl. Kate and her little family lead a pretty good life. Until Kate invites a colleague into her home and things get out of hand for Kate and her daughter.

Where are they taking them? What will happen to them? Will they ever be able to lead a normal life again?

Only a few people had read my story before I published it on Amazon in March 2016. I was worried that I had pushed the boundaries too far with topics of attempted rape, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, and adultery. My beta readers loved the story though, which made me feel more confident.

It took me about a month to write this story, mainly because I was unprepared for a location issue and I got stuck at the end of the story. Endings are so hard! Once I knew where to take the story, I had no problem with putting the words down.

‘Suckers – Book 2. Raising A Vampire’ is currently being revamped and is available for pre-order on Amazon here.

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