Question procrastination

What was I doing again…? Ah, I remember; procrastinating!

I sit here in my work outfit, it is 8:30pm, and I think I’ve done about thirty minutes of work today. My DH has two weeks off of work, this is his second week. We were supposed to finish renovating our bedroom, but somehow it just… doesn’t… happen…

I can’t blame my DH, he’s been working on the electrics, changing socket locations, amongst other things, for the last two days. But I can’t really say I have applied myself 100% (more something like 5%). I still don’t think today is a lost day though. I have been very active in recruiting new reviewers for my books. I met some wonderful people through Facebook and Twitter too.

So was this another bout of procrastination? I don’t know. As I said, I was very productive, just not in the renovation department. I guess people do all sorts of things to get out of doing the things they should. My normal evasive activity is cleaning, which I procrastinate also (as many of you who know me can vouch for). I didn’t clean today, but did throw two loads in the washing machine. The second one is still there…

I sigh and think ‘there is always tomorrow…’ 🙂

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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