Releasing A Vampire


Find out how the deadly Succedaneum virus was released into the world and get introduced to the characters of the Suckers Trilogy.


Prequel to the Suckers Trilogy


Releasing a Vampire is the Prequel to the Suckers Trilogy.

The story follows a string of events that lead to the release of the Succedaneum virus into the world. This virus causes a pandemic of blood-sucking night-dwellers in Living Like A Vampire, Book 1 of the Suckers Trilogy.

The storyline is interspersed with the introduction of Kate, Charlie, and Sue, the main characters of Book 1. Read how Kate moves out of her parental home and finds a life for herself in Bullsbrook, the idyllic country town in Maine, US, where she’s teaching science at the local high school and meets Sue and Charlie, her new colleagues.


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