Raising A Vampire


Fast-forward ten years after Living Like A Vampire and read about Kate’s trials and tribulations of her effort to keep her family together.


Book 2 in the Suckers Trilogy

Kate and her little family lead an extremely quiet life. This life is thrown into chaos when the true identity of their daughter gets out. Can Kate keep her family and her wits together?

One day, Kate makes the mistake of inviting a colleague into her home. He betrays her trust and commits an act of violence. When Kate’s daughter comes to the rescue, she exposes herself for what she really is; a sucker child. Kate accompanies her daughter when she is imprisoned. The situation quickly spirals downhill when an old flame of Kate turns up and he resumes his quest for Kate’s love.

Once more, Kate is thrown into turmoil and heartache.

Pick up this book to find out how Kate struggles with the amorous feelings that awaken after meeting her old flame. Feel her pain as she loses the friendship of a good friend, as she feels her daughter slip away from her when she tries to keep her on the right path, and as she tries to stay faithful to her partner.

Some reviews received:

“A compelling novel demonstrating how far a mother will go to protect her child.”

“It’s fast-paced with plenty of surprises and keeps you guessing to the end.”

“The author’s humor adds a nice touch.”

“The mother of all emotional rollercoasters!”


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