Living Like A Vampire


A suspenseful and funny paranormal dark fantasy adventure about a young woman finding true love while the world is in chaos.


Book 1 in the Suckers Trilogy

Kate is trying very hard to stay alive in a world thrown into chaos. Charlie is trying very hard to get Kate to notice him. When Caleb comes to the scene, things change, but is it for the better?

Kate had just begun her new job as a high school science teacher and was looking forward to living a suburban dream life. All her hopes and dreams turn into smoke as a virus turns people into vampires roaming the world in packs and killing everybody they can get their hands on. Together with her friends Sue and Charlie, she hides at a campground. They think they are safe there. They are wrong.

They are attacked by a pack of suckers and Kate has to flee again. She gets separated from her friends, accidentally bumps into a handsome sucker who then mysteriously disappears, after which she has to pretend to be a sucker to stay alive. Having met Caleb, surviving is no longer the only thing on Kate’s mind.

Will Kate stay alive and human while pursuing this mysterious stranger?

Pick up this action-packed, fast-paced, suspenseful novel and explore the depths of Kate’s emotions as she struggles to make sense of it all.

Some reviews received:

“This is an insanely exciting read!!”

“If you have an itch for a great paranormal read, pick up Suckers today.”

“This story was easy to get engrossed in, lots of action.”

“There’s a clever twist at the end, worth reading for.”

“I liked the short chapters which made it easy to read just one more chapter.”

“A damn good tale of vampires, with plenty to get your teeth into.”

“If you like a good adventure story with a gentle, humorous romance, do consider this well-written book.”

“I’m hoping there is a second book!”


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