I miss writing!!!

I miss writing!!!

Last Monday I had to cancel my writers’ group meeting as I was too knackered from getting up at 5am to fly to London and pick up my kids from Heathrow. The rest of the week I spent most of the time behind my computer promoting my book, spending time learning how to tweet and joining all these FB book clubs.

The time I didn’t spend behind my computer I have been plastering my bedroom walls. It’s an old house and I use Plaster of Paris to fill the cracks in the lath and plaster. In case you have never worked with this, you can only make up half a handful at a time as this stuff sets incredibly fast. After filling about 10cm you need to clean all your tools again. Hence filling all the (many) cracks makes for extremely slow progress.

Due to all this I also have missed on a whole week’s worth of my Creative Writing course on FutureLearn. It’s an incredibly good course, I’m learning a lot from it and from the interactions with my fellow students, which I am now missing out on :(.

My family is coming over to visit us in two weeks time, so before that I need to have plastered, sanded, re-plastered, re-sanded, painted base layer on ceiling and walls, painted final layer on ceiling and walls, re-painted final layer on ceiling and walls…

I miss writing!!!

On the bright side, as promised, here’s some more wonderful writing for you to pick from:

Food Gift Recipes From Nature’s Bounty: Easy & Delicious Recipes to Make and Share for Every Occasion, by Lilly Brock

Sell the Pig, by Tottie Limejuice

183 Times a Year, by Eva Jordan

A Camino of the Soul, by Katharine Elliot

The Second Captive, by Maggie James

Games People Play, by Owen Mullen

Changing Times, by Shaun L. Griffiths

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

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