I repeat: OMG! I just had to get it out. I’ll explain.

Yesterday I received a review on my Create50 Twisted Vol.2 short story entry called ‘Rumour has it…’ (see my short stories list at the top right hand side of my Website) which goes as follows:

‘I don’t know how you managed to make something so brutal sound so poetic. This is fantastic.’

– Stephany Hutton –

I have never been a poet. I don’t really like poetry, especially when it doesn’t rhyme, it is wasted on me. I was in discussion with a writer/poet the other day and I had to re-iterate to him several times that I don’t like poetry. Especially when it doesn’t rhyme. His poems didn’t rhyme.

There are poems that I like, of course, Dutch ones. There’s one in particular that I remember about how a guys realizes that the lid of the peanut butter pot fits the jam pot and he wonders of the jam pot lid fits the peanut butter pot. Which it does! But these occasions, of liking poems, are rare for me. The writer/poet that I was in discussion with argued that you are ‘free’ when it doesn’t have to rhyme. But, as another friend of mine said, ‘if you don’t want it to rhyme, why not write a short story?’

So why am I, who doesn’t like poetry, so elated that I got this comment?

Is it because it is such a particular nice comment? Am I so eager to have my ego patted on the back? Everybody needs a pat on the shoulder of course. And when you embark on a new career it can be rather daunting, especially if your existence has spanned nearly half a century. Any positive feedback is very welcomed to help you to take another step on your precarious journey. But I got other lovely comments on my writing. This one, though, has me jumping up and down.

‘Make something so brutal sound so poetic,’ is not something that I was aiming for and doing it without ‘lifting my shirt’ (part of a Dutch expression conveying that I did it with ease) makes it very special to me. Maybe I am looking for conformation that I have finally found my niche? That I truly am a writer at heart, that I can do this.

When I think about it, I have always been writing. As a kid I started writing movie reviews on films I saw on television. Nobody got to read them, but I have a whole book full of them. As a teenager I had a diary. I once let my diary be read by my then boyfriend and it made him cry (not everything I wrote was nice). I tore up the pages and it took me a long time before I started writing again. I didn’t want to hurt anybody with my words (the pen is mightier than the sword, eh). I have also been an editor during my studies (working for an exotic animal magazine by and for veterinary students), I wrote lesson plans for my students when I was a high school science teacher, and after that I took notes during meetings at work and at a residents’ association. Not the most creative of writing, but writing still.

I have been looking for the right job for me for years, never being truly happy in what I did. Until last summer, when I started writing my first novel. I literally got a high from it. If I wasn’t writing, I was having private rave parties, I was this high on it. So maybe the review confirms that, even after the rush of writing a novel has gone, I am truly a writer at heart. Let’s just stick with this for now…

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

2 thoughts on “OMG!”

  1. Congratulations on discovering the right job for your soul. I spent almost my entire life in a non-creative career (medicine). Getting out of that pressure cooker and into novel writing has turned my life around, at least emotionally. Financially, well, if I ever make money from my writing it will feel as if I’ve entered a parallel universe where they pay you to have fun and seek meaning. Congratulations on the great feedback you received on your short story. I hope you can breathe it in, and let it fuel your writing and your life.

  2. Dear M.,
    Thank you for your lovely comment! It is a shame that 99% of writers don’t earn enough from their efforts to stay above the poverty line. If we did it for the money, I am afraid nobody would write. I count myself lucky that I have finally found what fuels my passion and I can only hope that more people are as lucky as I am.
    I had a quick look at your ‘Hapa Girl DNA’ story and I must say I am in awe. I found myself immersed in it and had to make myself stop reading due to time restraints. Yes, it was weird, yes, it was very different from stories I have read before, but I found it very beautiful as well. You have so much talent! Now I need to find the time to read it all…

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