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Sorry, no images today as I’m keeping it short. And apologies for no Writers’ Corner update. The last two days I have been in agony. According to my GP, I have tendinitis is of the supra- and infraspinatus (shoulder) muscles, where they attach to my arm (right hand side,  of course). I have anti-inflammatory tablets now and the pain is more manageable.

Cause is probably poor posture, sitting behind my desk. I have a keyboard with numeric pad to the side. This makes my mouse further away from the typing area and as a result I am leaning to the right hand side and slightly forward to reach it, leaning down on the arm rest of my chair. Not a good position to be in on a full-time basis. Looking at kneeling chairs now as the GP said they force you into a good posture.

In the mean time I can’t wait to get back to editing, so I can meet this deadline for my book.

Again, apologies for letting you down…

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

3 thoughts on “No writing…”

  1. Ooh, sounds painful. I use a standing desk at work and that helps a lot with back/neck issues (posture etc), though it’s a traditional set-up with separate monitor etc, so doesn’t work as well if you use a laptop.

    1. At the moment I prefer working on my laptop so I don’t have to move my arm outwards to ready the mouse. I think I may have to get a keyboard without numeric pad so the mouse can be a bit closer to the letters and I don’t have to shift from one to the other. And a chair without arm rests, that, I think, was the worst culprit!
      Standing may also be an idea, may make me burn some calories in the mean time 😉

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