No rest for the wicked!

Phew! Today I uploaded my second novel, Succedaneum – Raising A Vampire, onto the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site (one day before the deadline!) and uploaded my latest short story to the #Create50 competition website. It’s called ‘Vampires Anonymous‘ and, as you probably suspect and can read in the reviews I received, it’s a funny.

There are some terribly gruesome stories on Create50 Twisted Vol.2. Fortunately Chris Jeal reminded me with his ‘A Killer Evening’ story that it can be fun as well. There is so much horror in the world already, so why not liven it up with a bit of humour. Thanks, Chris!

I have been thinking about my novels in the mean time. Why do I write them? As I got the script back from my proof reader I realised that I will never write literature. First of all my English is, and never will be, good enough. I am not too snobbish to realise that. Second, I don’t think I want to. I’m actually not quite sure what literature is exactly, but as far as I can tell it’s what the majority of people don’t want to read, ‘because it’s too heavy.’ I prefer my stories to brighten somebody’s day. To take them away from the here and now, so for a moment they can forget about their own troubles and be swept away in a fantasy world where the endings are good. Well, at least for the protagonist! I will keep on writing as long as people like what they’re reading. So keep those comments coming…

I need to finish the cover for my second novel, which is in dire need of some Photoshopping. The due date for it is 19 March, so I have some time. However, as I’ve been busy with my second novel the most of the week, I am terribly behind with my movie making and scriptwriting studies and need to catch up!

No rest for the wicked…

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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