These are the first few lines of my new WIP, The Extra. Anybody interested in publishing my new novel? 😀

I was supposed to see my dentist this morning, but they canceled… again. So, instead, I started on my new Young Adult novel, The Extra. I had postponed starting it for far too long. This is the first bit (not the whole chapter). It’s a new experience to write from a narrater’s perspective after writing three novels in first person. Let me know what you think of it 🙂

Chapter 1

Ashley stormed outside, not seeing where she was going through the red fog of her rage. Freezing air swirled into her lungs, its below-zero temperature matched the cold she was already feeling inside. How could Jake have betrayed her so? The pristine surface of the snow underneath her feet creaked softly. Unlike the emotions which screamed inside Ash. Tears welled up, and she shut her eyes firmly as she marched on. She wasn’t going to cry. Not for him. Not for what he’d done. Getting away from him was the most sensible thing to do. As soon as he’d told her, something had stirred in her. Something she hadn’t felt before. It was warm… no, hot. It was hot. It had quickly grown until Ash felt like a pure form of energy. The feeling had frightened her. She had been afraid that if she stayed near Jake, she’d have lashed out at him with a power she couldn’t control. But she didn’t want to hurt him. She still loved him. Yet right now, she hated him. Ash balled her fists and brought them to her mouth. She bit on them to prevent herself from screaming out in frustration.

The sound of cracking ice made Ash open her eyes. The night was dark. There was no moon visible with the snow falling. Her head whipped around, and she realized she had gone too far. Could she make it back? Another crack. Eyes drawn down, she saw the snow break apart in lines radiating outwards. Her feet slipped on the smooth ice as it broke apart and tilted. She flung her arms out in an attempt to get a hold of something to keep her upright, finding none. Her skull cracked as it hit the edge of the remaining ice. A sharp pain radiated through her head, and Ash gasped. Icey water sloshed into her mouth. She expelled it out of her lungs with a violent burst of air. Now, as her legs became heavy with the water in her boots, her arms scurried through the snow, her hands trying to get a grip on the ice. But the cracks had undermined its strength, and every time Ash put some weight on it, it broke off and slipped from her numbed hands, bobbing up and down on the water’s surface. Ash panicked as the water made its way through her winter clothing, enveloping her body, claiming it inch by inch. The water felt like the cold fingers of death, grabbing her, pulling her down into the deep darkness with unrelenting determination. The cold and the fear were paralyzing. Her head disappeared underneath the black surface, and her body began jerking as she fought the temptation to try and breathe.

Ash wondered if anybody had seen her go under. Was anybody going to rescue her? Was she going to survive this or was this the end? Now Jake wasn’t hers anymore, did it matter? Consciously, she stopped struggling, finding peace in the cold numbness. Darkness surrounded her as the last bit of air escaped her lips, and Ashley died.


Copyrighted (c) by Jacky Dahlhaus

Yes, you read it right. Ashley dies. Not to worry, she’ll live again but not as a vampire. I knew you were going to think that, LOL! The story does include vampires, though. And werewolves, and sirens, and witches. In fact, it has so much story to it, I wonder if I can get it all into one novel 😀

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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