My Weight Loss Journey – Week 13

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 13. Not a good number… not a good week…

My Weight Loss Journey

Week 13


It had to be week 13… the week when Friday is the thirteenth… and I’m back where I started. Well, sort of. I’m not exactly back at 80 kg, but I’ve let myself go for a few days (it is a holiday after all), and my weight has shot up again. Two steps forward, one step back. Feels more like one leap back, but oh well. Next week, I’m back into doing exercises and sticking to my diet!


I’ll be honest, I waited another day in the hope my weight would drop miraculously. It didn’t, of course. Yesterday, I weighed in at 77.1 kg (12.14 stone). Sigh. I thought it was the huge Indian meal I had the night before, but today I was only 100 grams lighter. Obviously, my waistline has also gone up to 81 cm (31.9 inches) as well and I’m back to two holes again in my belt. That’s what you get for drinking a glass of wine every day and eating as if there’s no tomorrow.



Needless to say, there hasn’t been much change…


We’ve been horseriding on Saturday, and I’m still walking like a seasoned cowboy. All those exercises and stretches I’ve been doing these past weeks haven’t done much to alleviate the muscle ache I’m feeling at the moment. Mind you, as I was the most experienced rider, they put me on the slowpoke, and I had to work my butt off (I wish) to keep this animal going. I suppose it could have been a lot worse if I hadn’t done those exercises.


Diet? What’s that? Can you eat it? 🙂 Honestly, apart from that one salad I made myself for lunch, I haven’t been sticking to any form of diet at all. I’ve been snacking and boozing for the last week. I’m terrible when my kids are home (not that my kids drink alcohol!). We sit in front of the TV, stuffing ourselves while binge-watching series we’ve already seen before. It’s a great time, but detrimental for the waistline.

Anyhow, next week I’ll be at it again. Starving myself and getting out of bed to do my exercises early in the morning. Fingers crossed I can make my words come true!

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