My Weight Loss Journey – Week 12

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 12. Check out my weight loss graph over the first quarter of the year.

My Weight Loss Journey

Week 12


Especially for this week, the end of the first quarter of the year on my weight loss journey, I have made a graph of my progress, showing my weight (in kg) and my waistline (in cm).


As you can see, both lines have the steepest slope at the beginning of the year, after I had been eating and drinking too much during the Christmas holidays. What is also very notable is that since I began doing the HASfit exercises in week 6 (week 7 on the graph as it starts with week 1 instead of week 0; I don’t know how to change this in Excel), my waistline has taken a dive even though my weight hasn’t changed much. I haven’t done much exercising these last two weeks, hence the flatlining of both graphs at the end. They’re not going up though, and I’m very happy with that.

Do I feel any permanent changes? Not really. I still crave the unhealthy things in life. What has changed, is that I like my salads for lunch. But that’s about it. You’ve got to start somewhere, though!


I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t gain any weight over Easter. I didn’t eat a lot of chocolate eggs, I must confess, but didn’t eat very healthy either. My weight was the lowest official weight since I began with 75.6kg (11.9 stone). My waistline is the same with 80.5 cm (31.7 inches).


… and the side view…


To be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve lost a lot of weight. My belt buckle says I have, and my waistline and scales say I have, but I don’t feel like it. I suppose I need to start exercising again to feel fitter and healthier and have a more positive outlook on the whole experience. I will do that… just not today 🙂


Somehow, I couldn’t make myself do any exercises. Not the yoga, not the HASfit ones. I don’t know why. My shoulder is still sore now and again, making sleeping uncomfortable, and you’d think for this reason only I would do what the physio told me to do. But I don’t. I have been incredibly busy with my blogging and book though, which is my excuse. Not a valid one as I need to realize there is more to life than being online. If it was making me money, it would possibly be more valid, but it doesn’t, not a penny, so why do I make such an effort and spend so much time on it? Good question. Let me know if you find the answer!

In the meantime, I have been getting some exercise yesterday whilst working in the garden. Today it is filled with snow, but yesterday we had a dry afternoon, and I did some pruning. I also decided to gather some rocks from a fallen drywall and collected them in one spot, so we can use them again when we’re repairing the wall again. That was a good hour’s work with stretching, bending, and lifting.


As mentioned before, I didn’t indulge in a lot of chocolate over Easter. I did eat my usual ice cream for dessert and had a glass of wine with my husband now and again. Healthy lunches were sort of off the menu for a while as were breakfast for that matter as we slept in on the weekend. When I go shopping again, I’ll make sure I buy some healthy diet options  🙂

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