Movie Reviews: Warrior vs. Creed

The difference between Warrior and Creed

Score: Warrior 10/10 vs. Creed 5/10

– Warning: Spoiler Alert! –

Last week I watched two fight movies. First ‘Warrior,’ a 2011 movie with Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte, directed by Gavin O’Connor. Now I normally don’t like fight movies as I find fighting a stupid waste of time. I have nothing against a bit of competition and showing off of physical prowess (hail the Olympics!), but to actually hurt another person on purpose for no good reason is too Neanderthal for me. So it was a surprise that I loved this movie, a lot. Hence I decided to watch Creed afterwards. What a let down that was…


‘Warrior’ has the perfect tension build-up. Slowly but surely we are fed information about the characters, their background and how they tie in together. It starts with normal situations (at all fronts), which during the movie escalates into incredible dramatic tension, coming to a final show off in the fighting cage. During the whole movie you only know one thing: that the brothers will be fighting each other. But what happens before keeps surprising you, as well as how the movie ends. Character set up is perfect, casting is perfect. I love Tom Hardy ever since I saw him in ‘Child 44.’ I didn’t know Joel Edgerton (although I have seen ‘Exodus’ and ‘Star Wars – Episode II’), but he was also very well cast. I really don’t like Nick Nolte, but I respect his work as an actor and thought he was extremely well cast for this role. The music was in line with the tension of the movie, didn’t distract and wasn’t flat. Flow was perfect, even in the fight scenes. The ending was believable and left me happy, even though not all fronts were covered in that happy ending. All in all a great movie that I won’t mind seeing again and would recommend everybody else to watch.


Now ‘Creed,’ a 2015 movie with Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan, directed by Ryan Coogler. Everything I just said about what was great about Warrior, wasn’t there in Creed. I felt the actors were ‘acting,’ Stallone was often mumbling (as he does) to the point you had no idea what he was saying, the music was laughably far removed from the movie action, the characters were extremely predictable. DH and I actually predicted that the downstairs neighbour would be an Afro-American female even before she opened the door. The dramatic action that was supposed to compare to Rocky reaching the top of the steps in the first movie was just ridiculous. Watching the movie I mostly felt like being at a reunion for the Rocky cast. All in all I am glad I didn’t pay money to see that movie in the theatre. I will not lose a moment’s sleep if I never see this movie again.

So if you want to learn about good story and tension build-up, watch Creed before you watch Warrior (which you should anyway if you haven’t already!) and note the difference.


(Translation: Fighting for his honour, Fighting for his family)

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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