Movie Review: The Secret Lives of Pets

Way better than Independence Day – Resurgence

Score: 8/10

– Spoiler Alert! –

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We went to see ‘The Secret Live of Pets’ today, as we promised my daughter to do so since the movie was announced to come out. Man, what a relief this movie was after the disaster of ‘Independence Day – Resurgence.’

The movie didn’t have any ‘famous’ voices (as far as I know), but they were all well cast. Sometimes I thought the voices of Max and Duke, the two main characters, were a bit much alike, but I don’t hear all wavelengths so maybe that was just me.

This movie was stereotypical and ‘fresh’ at the same time. There was the ‘to-be-expected’ 3-act story line, with the set up, the problem, the climax and the solution. However, instead of there being one main character, there were two or three (debatable). And instead of there being one ‘comic relief’ there were several. Each pet/animal had their little funny traits and this made for a very lively movie. Some were expected, but hey, they’re animals and hunting animals will always have that instinct to eat other animals.

What was also nice was that the cliffhanger (not really a cliff, but they were definitely hanging) was new. If this had been Independence Day they would have escaped in the nick of time, but it wasn’t and they didn’t. Well, not when you expected them to anyway.

I feel I must say something about the music. I can imagine that some scenes could have been very scary for little ones. The fact that they played slapstick music during these scenes changed the tone dramatically and everybody was laughing during these ‘horror’ moments. Also, the fact that a particular dramatic scene was dramatized over the top (literally) made the sad/scary scene extremely funny, you just couldn’t help but laugh it off.

The ending was a bit so-so I thought. It could have had more spunk, but having said that, that would have made it so much more ‘standard.’ No, I liked this movie. I give it an 8/10.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

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