Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

A review of Star Trek Beyond

Score: 7/10

– Spoiler Alert! –


Star Trek Beyond, the latest movie for trekkies. What is my verdict? I thought it was a nice movie, definitely to be seen on the big screen, but (and there is always a but) a bit weird.

This movie was written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. I don’t know Doug Jung, but it doesn’t matter as the movie had Simon Pegg written all over it. It started with Captain James T. Kirk recording his ship’s log. Normally this is a formal statement, not this time. The captain mentions the crew’s relationships. As far as I know this far more personal than any log entries I have heard before (although I must admit I don’t know them by heart). There were far more (obvious) jokes placed all over the script, another of Pegg’s comic streak. And, most noticeable of all, Scottie (played by Pegg) had far more screen time than in any of the other movies.

Another weird thing was that Hikaru Sulu all of a sudden appears to have a male partner (and daughter). It was on Twitter big time. Apparently this was never written in the script by Gene Roddenberry, the original creator. Even thought George Takei, who played Sulu in the original series and who became a LGBT activist after the original series ended, didn’t like this idea, Pegg went ahead with it. I don’t think it’s a big deal, just weird as it was never mentioned before and might upset some girls who had a crush on him.

Plot wise; yes, it was entertaining. There was some ‘growing’ of characters. Flow wise, not so good. Given that they only had three and a half months to write the script I let them get away with it. There were a bit too many ‘yeah, right!’ and ‘what the…’ moments in it for my liking though. Watching the movie made me think of Inception, Elysium, and Ender’s Game (2013). The first two because of the scenery, the latter because of the insect-likeness of the enemy. If you’ve never seen that movie, watch it as it is one of the best movies I have seen lately. It features Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley and a great performance of Asa Butterfield.

What I didn’t like was that in the old series Kirk always gets the girl. Not so in this movie, Kirk doesn’t get Jayla, nor any other girl. Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Uhura (Zoe Saldana) have quarrels, but at the end sort of patch up again. I still think it is also weird for Spock to have a relationship, that was never in the original series either. Another ‘twist,’ although this time not of Pegg’s making.

The make-up for Sofia Boutella (formerly known as ‘Gazelle,’ the bladed prosthetic legged lady in Kingsman) was absolutely spectacular. The poor girl had to sit in the make-up chair for four hours everyday, not a simple feat. But it was worth it. Idris Alba’s make-up felt more like a mask, turning him into the villain Krall. It probably was, as he was hardly recognisable and only visible as his gorgeous self at the end of the movie.

The music was okay. Strangely enough, the enemy vessels all get obliterated by listening to some heavy metal music. The idea was to distract the hive formations, but apparently the music had more effect that this. It was one of the ‘what the…’ moments.

I’d like to mention that I always liked Anton Yelchin in the role of Chekov. His passing away (after the movie was made) is a great loss and I find it appropriate that they have decided not to recast him for the fourth Star Trek film.

Did I enjoy it? I sure did. It is definitely a movie to watch on the big screen, if only for the amazing space footage shown after the movie has ended. I give it a 7/10.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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