Movie Review: Logan

Movie Review: Logan

– Spoiler Alert!!! –

Score: 9/10


20th Century Fox promised to bring you a more character based movie with ‘Logan’ and boy did they deliver!

The movie starts showing you an old, scarred, limping, grey Logan and immediately you are thinking wtf? Logan (played by Hugh Jackman) is supposedly the ultimate everlasting, self-healing superhero. That was his power. Nothing could kill him. So why do we see this image of a deteriorating, old man? Only towards the end of the movie is it made clear why.

Logan is taking care of Professor Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart), together with Caliban, also known as The Albino/The Seeker (played by Stephen Merchant). Recognising Merchant in the role immediately brought back the line “Good luck finding your cars” (those of you who have watched ‘The Tooth Fairy’ know what I’m talking about) as well as his shaking butt in the epic lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Xavier is an even older man, suffering for a neurodegenerative disease which causes him to loose control of his telepathic powers if he doesn’t take his medication. And this is where the humanity of the movie lays. Logan has to take care of Xavier in all ways imaginable. Where ‘normal’ superhero movies never mention that one of them has to pee (I always wonder how they do this in their full-body suits), in ‘Logan’ it is even shown how Logan puts the wheelchair bound Xavier on a public toilet. It depicts the shame of it all for Xavier and the reluctance of Logan to have to do it. Yet he still does it. A true hero.


Logan is saddled up with Laura (played by Dafne Keen). Keen is a young actress who was obviously chosen for her agility and she shows it off beautifully. Logan has to take care of Laura, even though he only just met her, when her carer gets killed. Again, the movie shows the reality of being saddled with a burden like that and the lack of experience for Logan to deal with it (although I think they could have improved on this bit). Laura is being chased by cyborg Donald Pierce (played by Boyd Holbrook) and his robotically enhanced goons, which gives the movie the action it needed.

Of course there are the wtf-moments during the movie, but I’m willing to oversee them. This movie was so different from the standard superhero movie that it’s sort of a class on its own and I don’t want to degrade it with standard comments. It has a few GoT elements in it, but I’m not going to spoil those for you.

The flow was good and the music well chosen. CG was great, I didn’t even notice it!

It wouldn’t be an American movie if it didn’t have a ‘good’ ending, which it sort of has, although not all of you may agree (I for one don’t). There are still questions lingering of what happened in between the other X-men movies and ‘Logan.’ I hope that Hugh Jackman will agree to one more movie to explain it.

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